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Label Lessons 101

1. READ them

2. More importantly, UNDERSTAND THEM

Awareness is knowledge and knowledge is power.

Own your power over your health.

It is important to know what you are eating, as Food impacts everything.

Unfortunately, sugar has a negative impact on both your emotional and physical body.

A few key highlights just to drive the point home...

- Sugar suppresses the immune system (this fact is of greatest importance as we move through Covid-19)

-Sugar triggers imbalances in brain chemistry, leading to anxiety and depression

-Sugar accelerates aging :(

It is easy to get fooled by sugar and all its sneaky guises.

In hopes of encouraging you to own your power and optimizing your health, below is a quick cheat sheet of sugar’s notorious Aliases.

Hope this serves as a tool to begin a practice of mindful awareness of what you are eating and your journey towards Grace.

*excludes artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes



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